If you would like to donate please mail a check or cash to:

Belvidere Ambulance Corps

234 Paul St

Belvidere, NJ, 07823

The Belvidere Ambulance Corps has been responding to emergency calls in Belvidere, White Township, and the surrounding areas for more than 76 years.  The men and women that serve our community respond to a variety of different emergencies and rely on the equipment that they have.  As the world progresses in knowledge and innovation, the members of the Belvidere Ambulance Corps want to remain up to date with the best equipment there is available.  Throughout a calendar year, the 21 Rescue equipment gains significant wear and tear that will either need repair or will need to be replaced all together.  The dedicated members rely heavily on the donations they receive yearly to be able to provide these necessary repairs or upgrades.  

Sadly, even ambulances have a lifespan and one special ambulance has its years coming to an end.  21-52 was purchased in 2000, shortly after completing its first year in service at the Belvidere Ambulance Corps, it made the trek to the Hudson River to assist in the devastation of September 11, 2001.  Since then, 21-52 has proudly worn its 9/11 badge with honor while assisting the needs of its community.  In preparation for the day when 21-52 will need to be taken out of service, the ambulance corps decided to purchase a new ambulance.  In 2020, the members of the Belvidere Ambulance Corps were ecstatic to announce the new addition to their fleet, 21-54.  The new ambulance arrived in June and was greeted by the members of 21 Rescue and 21 Fire as well as the mayors from both Belvidere and White Township.  In the following months, new equipment was purchased in order to fully outfit the truck and put it in full functioning service.  The members have had additional training in order to get familiar with the new power load stretcher that was purchased as well as the upgraded features in the new ambulance.

This was all made possible by the generous donations over the years from our supporters.  Purchasing a new ambulance and outfitting it with all of its equipment was a large undertaking financially, but the kind and faithful residents of our community made this possible.  We appreciate the continued emotional, physical, and financial support we receive from each and every one of you.